The perfect item of baggage for a sailing trip is a bag or a backpack. Be aware that you have to fold up your item of baggage!


Suitcases cannot be stored away aboard.



Identity card / passport

Flight ticket

Cash money

EC card

Credit card

Driver license

Boating certificate

Short Range Certificate or Long Range Certificate

Wristwatch Waterproof

Mobile phone + charging unit


Practical items aboard ship:

Shoes for the yacht (they must not leave traces)

Flip flops

Sunglasses with dark glasses

Swim goggles

Diving goggles

Snorkel / flippers


Cozy wear


Kitchen towel

Face towel


Windbreaker jacket

Jacket consisting of fleece (advantage: fleece dries quickly)

Paracetamol / Aspirin

Possibly pills you need individually or special pills for journeys

Sun blocker with a high sun protection factor


Flash lamp and additional batteries

Clothes for the head (e.g. baseball cap or sun hat)


Personal necessities:

Diary for wonderful memories

Note pad for ideas and inspirations

Camera and additional batteries

Book for chilly hours

Favorite music

A photograph of your love ;-)